APA Style

At NAU, we use APA style to guide how students format their research papers. APA style governs everything from the font used in your paper, to how you cite the sources you consulted to inform your research. You need to use the 6th edition of the APA Manual. The resources below are provided to give you additional support with using APA style.

Formatting Basics

VIDEOiconWC64x64APA basics tutorial (5 min.)
Introductory video tutorial for students who are new to APA. Explains the formatting requirements and parts of the research paper (title page, abstract, body, reference page).

PDFiconWC64x64Sample paper (PDF)
Our APA sample paper shows you how to format the main parts of a basic research paper.

PDFiconWC64x64Reference page examples (PDF)
This handout shows how to format your reference page in APA format. Provides examples for citing books, articles, websites, and more.

PDFiconWC64x64In-text citation examples (PDF)
This handout shows you how to create in-text citations. Provides examples for how to format direct quotations and gives information on how to paraphrase and summarize while giving proper credit to the original author.

  APA Paper Fillable Template (DOC)
Download this Word document, fill out the title page and get writing!

PDFiconWC64x64APA Formatting in Microsoft Word (PDF)
Use the instructions on this handout to help you set up Microsoft Word to align with APA requirements.


VIDEOiconWC64x64NAU Library Plagiarism Basics Tutorial (5 min.)
This tutorial introduces you to the basics of plagiarism.

VIDEOiconWC64x64Plagiarism tutorial (17 min.)
This tutorial series goes more in-depth into the concept of plagiarism and how to avoid it in your writing.

10 Types of Plagiarism (PDF)
This infographic from TurnItIn shows 10 common types of plagiarism to look out for.

Tools to Help

VIDEOiconWC64x64APA Formatting in Microsoft Word (YouTube Video)
This video demonstrates how to set up Microsoft Word to align with APA requirements.

PDFiconWC64x64How to get citations from library databases (PDF)
The library’s databases have tools within them to help you automatically create APA citations from articles you access. This document shows you how to get started – always make sure to double-check the citations for accuracy, though.

PDFiconWC64x64Zotero (PDF)
Zotero is a free tool that can help you not only organize large quantities of references but can also assist you in creating APA reference lists and in-text citations. Perfect for graduate students who need to keep track of large volumes of references.

LINKiconWC64x64Purdue OWL
The Purdue OWL offers information on all aspects of APA style – get information on formatting references, in-text citations, view a sample paper, and more.

LINKiconWC64x64APA Style Blog
Companion site to the APA Manual where experts answer APA questions. Searchable archive allows you to find answers to common issues.

LINKiconWC64x64APA Style Essentials
Link to APA Style Essentials document created by Douglas Degelman at Vanguard University – gives an overview of the most essential APA elements included in research papers.

VIDEOiconWC64x64APA Basics Webinar (Prerecorded, 45 min.)
Taught by NAU’s librarians, this webinar covers the basics of APA formatting for students who are new to using APA.