Citing your sources properly is incredibly important and takes some practice.  We recommend that you check out our APA tutorial or visit NAU’s Writing Center for help with formatting your paper in APA format.   The Purdue OWL also has a lot of information available on how to use APA style properly.  Don’t forget to take advantage of the library’s databases for help with APA formatting as well – most databases that we subscribe to will actually show you how to format the citation for any article you find!

Your NAU Librarians are happy to help you make sure your papers contain correct APA citation formatting.  If you’d like help proofreading your paper, NAU offers 24/7 access to Smartthinking, an online tutoring service where you can get assistance with paper writing.  Smartthinking also offers tutoring in math, nursing, and business coursework.  For more information, please view this handout.

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