Ask Harvard Medical School Video Series: Harvard’s Medical School Video Series features short (1-3 minute) health and wellness tips from Harvard Medical School physicians.


Credo: Search Credo Reference to find videos on a wide variety of topics.  See this handout for directions on how to locate videos within Credo.


INTELECOM Psychology Videos: Introduces key concepts and and principles of psychology and includes real-life case studies.


MedCom Videos: Educational videos produced for healthcare students, professionals and patients; content includes nursing, medical assisting, and other subject areas.*RECOMMENDED RESOURCE!*


MedlinePlus Videos: Health videos on topics from anatomy to surgical procedures.


Mosby’s Clinical Keys: Access to more than 1,000 evidence-based skills and procedures for nurses.  Includes videos demonstrating how to perform nursing procedures (access is for nursing students only). *RECOMMENDED RESOURCE!*


NBCLearn: Thousands of videos on topics ranging from history to current global news.  Includes healthcare-related items.


OTA Video Library: International Clinical Educators (ICE) Video Library provides professionally filmed videos of actual patients and clinicians in real-life treatment settings. Designed for occupational therapists, physical therapists and assistants.  *RECOMMENDED RESOURCE!*