Tutorials & FAQ

Curriculum resources


PDFiconWC64x64CS1200: Teaching Information Literacy Concepts – PDF offers additional suggestions for teaching the information literacy component of CS1200.

PDFiconWC64x64NAU Course Development Resource – PDF that presents useful ideas and resources for writing activities and assignments.

PDFiconWC64x64Faculty Resource Guide – A brief guide designed to help faculty support their students.

PDFiconWC64x64Teach to Learn: A Curriculum Guide for Instructors in the Face-to-Face Classroom

PDFiconWC64x64SME Training: Library Resources, an annotated guide.

9 Lesson Plan Ideas – From TurnItIn, this document offers plagiarism-related lesson plan suggestions that integrate TurnItIn resources.



PDFiconWC64x64Library Resources for Faculty Webinar Handout – PDF covers resources faculty can integrate within their courses or use to assist students.

PDFiconWC64x64Library Resources for Graduate Faculty Webinar Handout – PDF covers resources graduate faculty can use to help them find helpful library resources.

Introduction to the Writing CenterVIDEOiconWC64x64
– Webinar (7 min) that introduces some of the resources available for faculty on the Writing Center.


Handouts for your students

PDFiconWC64x64Where is the library? (For Faculty) – PDF that tells you where the library is, and what’s available there.

PDFiconWC64x64What is scholarly/peer reviewed? – PDF that helps you explain to students what scholarly/peer reviewed means. Handout for students.

PDFiconWC64x64How to find scholarly and peer reviewed articles – PDF that shows how to find scholarly/peer-reviewed articles in the two most commonly used databases. Handout for students.


Faculty research resources


– Cabell’s is a database you can use to connect you to journals publishing in your field.

LINKiconWC64x64Interlibrary loan – Looking for an article but can’t get it in full text from our databases? Request it from ILL.

If you have questions or need assistance, you can always contact your local campus librarian (and if you’re not sure if you have a campus librarian, please use Ask A Librarian and one of our librarians will contact you). We also want to encourage you to work with your local campus librarian to set up  library instruction sessions for your students .  We also have distance support librarians who can conduct online virtual instruction sessions if you work with online learners or don’t have a campus librarian.  We’re here to help!